I never had it explained so well that a child develops their self-talk from the experiences they have growing up from their parents, grandparents, and environment. So revealing!

Hanna A. - Mother of 3

The Story BehindAffirmation To Transformation

Why did I write this book?

Some would say that I’m a glutton for punishment; however, the real truth is each and every time I spoke at a major University, I would end up being asked the very same question or a similar version of it.

The question came mostly from mothers. They heard my story and the relationship my mother and I had through all of the trials and hardships we had faced.

The question: “How can I get my child to have the same self-confidence and determination as you, after going through what you’ve been through in your life?

At first, I couldn’t pinpoint exactly how to answer the question that came up, without fail, every single keynote. It began to burn in my mind. Like many of us, we can’t ignore a question we know is repeatedly asked in search of an answer.

So I took a journey back into my life to try and figure out what makes me the ambitious, self-confident, and motivated person I am today. If it was possible, I wanted to know exactly what that was, so I could begin to answer the inevitable question after every talk.

Weeks had passed and I hadn’t found the answer to the question just yet. I was on the verge of giving up on whether it was something specific or is it just who I am? Maybe we are preordained with some sort of life’s purpose? It wasn’t til’ I heard my very own daughter say, “I’m not good at…”. So I asked her why does she believe she’s “not good at…” – her answer, to me, led me on the path to answering the question so many people would ask every speaking engagement.

The answer…you are not going to believe. You would think that there’s more to it or maybe it requires some deep inner questioning. In fact, the answer was on the surface, but its roots run deep.

When I asked my daughter why she doesn’t think she’s good at math. Her response was the typical air filler… “I don’t know.” And what followed, shed a bright light on the problem.

She proceeded with… “I heard mom say she struggles with math. I figured it was hard for me too because I don’t understand the long equations.

I was floored!

My 11 year old felt that she was doomed at math because she heard her mother say she didn’t do well in the subject. So can you imagine what she continued to affirm? “I’m not good at math.” And she truly believed so.

True, this is a simple example to explain how children learn and pick up little things from the environment and start to live them out. Yet, there are more complex examples that show you life experiences can develop strong limiting beliefs that are crippling.

I’ve seen this sorta thing play out with my elite track athletes. You can see the same beliefs simply by observing children with their parents.

If the parent is standoffish, quiet, or quick to temper…you can best believe the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree or believe some aspect of their parents’ behavior is “just how it is” because they haven’t seen a different example.

I had found the answer. My mother was the type who would speak to me in ways that created an inner self-talk that was empowering. Every chance she got to align my thoughts into one of empowerment…she did. In short…she spoke power into me.

Why do I tell you this story?

Think about it…if I write a book telling the parent that “the problem is you, the parent” – I wouldn’t get so much as a compliment on the efforts of writing this book.

Often times, parents don’t want to change shit about themselves first before they try to lead their child to an amazing new way to live life.

It’s because they haven’t realized how they were programmed and conditioned. And they’ve carried these same beliefs into their child’s life.

So this book may have “raise a happy and self-confident child” in the subtitle, but it’s more to help parents (bachelor, single lady, any individual) in making the connection between their upbringing and how the environment in which they grew up in has shaped their self-talk (affirmation on repeat).

That’s why I wrote this book. It’s to shed light on how affirmations are formed well before a child can speak words, explain their feelings, or walk on their own two feet.


Affirmation To Transformation

How To Raise a Happy, Self-Confident Child With BulletProof Self-Esteem Using Affirmations

If you are a parent and want to know how to transform your child into a happy self-confident resilient little badass (not bad bad) using affirmations…then this book is for you! If you don’t, your child will be at a greater risk for high levels of anxiety and fall into the alarming statistic amongst depressed kids, teenagers and adults. Now you can have a blueprint to creating happy, mentally healthy kids, that you can use instantly and start to see results.

This book includes:

  • What are affirmations and what they can do for your child
  • How affirmations work and how to properly implement for maximum results
  • Why affirmations are a great tool for children, teenagers, and adults
  • How to choose the right affirmations to increase self-esteem
  • Talking to your child about affirmations in ways that make them stick
  • How to use affirmations with your toddler as well as teenager
  • The exclusive Speak Power Formula to develop a mentally strong child
  • Suggested affirmations to help with mental health
  • The most common mistakes parents make when using affirmations

Now, here is the honest truth…. If you are a human…you were raised by someone. You’ve had life experiences that have shaped, molded, and crafted you into the person you are today. With that being said, it’s safe to say you are programmed and conditioned by someone and/or an environment.

This book is for you to understand “how you’ve been programmed” and thus created your inner self-talk from your childhood experiences.

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